Symptoms, Treatment, Countries Map and Every Detail(Wiki) of Nipah Virus That Killed Many People in Kerala

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Symptoms, Treatment, Countries Map and Every(Wiki) Details of Nipah Virus That Killed Many People in Kerela: Kerala health department is on high alert due to the deaths caused by a rare ‘Nipah’ virus (NiV). Nipah virus (NiV) was first documented in 1998 and is thought to be spread by fruit-eating bats and presents with a range of symptoms. The Health Department of Kerala on Monday confirmed the presence of Nipah Virus in the state and as the authorities concerned are taking measures to identify individuals who have been affected and contain the outbreak, TNM brings you a guide of what you need to know about this ‘rare’ disease.

nipah virus

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What is Nipah??

Nipah virus infection can occur in humans or animals. Fruit bats from the Pteropodidae Family are thought to be the natural carriers of the disease.

The first major outbreak of NiV in 1998 that left more than 100 people dead in Malaysia supposedly saw domesticated pigs as the hosts, according to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO). In 2001, the first outbreak occurred in India in the state of West Bengal and was attributed solely to fruit bats.

In 2001, many in Bangladesh fell ill after consuming palm sap which had been contaminated by the fruit bat. WHO also stated that human to human transmission is also seeing a steady rise.

nipah virus

Nipah Virus countries map

What causes Nipah virus infection?

Direct contact with infected pigs, other infected animals, or through contaminated fruits (half-eaten fruits left by fruit bats), and even direct contact with sick persons have been cited as the underlying cause of outbreaks according to a report in the Indian Journal of Virology. It further goes on to state that ‘presence of high density, amplifying host population facilitated transmission of the virus to human.’

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Nipah Virus Transmission Cycle in Malaysia

Nipah Virus Transmission Cycle in Malaysia

Nipah Virus Symptoms??

Some symptoms of the Nipah virus that killed 11 in Kerala are fever, headache, drowsiness, disorientation, and mental confusion. The symptoms can progress to coma within 24-48 hours and the patients may develop the respiratory illness during the early part of the infection.

Nipah Virus Symptoms



Take caution to ensure that food is not contaminated by bats. Take precautions to ensure bats don’t eat the food or drop feces on it. Do not eat fruits that may have been bitten by bats.

Do not drink toddy that is brewed in open containers near palm trees.

It is also important to safeguard oneself after coming in contact with someone who has contracted the virus. It is important to maintain a distance from the patient, to sanitise and wash hands thoroughly.

Clothes, utensils and items typically used in the toilet or bathroom, like buckets and mugs, should be cleaned separately and maintained hygienically.

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