MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018 Wiki| Contestants| Gang Leaders| Host| Winner| Timing| Runner-up| Prize Money

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MTV is back with the Thrilling and Youth Oriented Passionate reality show Roadies Xtreme. MTV Roadies Xtreme is the 16th season of MTV Roadies. This is a youth-based reality TV show. The show is very popular among the youngsters of the country. This show has already completed its 15 seasons and now the show is all set to launch its 16th season. This season of Roadies is going to be Xtreme as it is MTV Roadies Xtreme. The Reality Show has already started on the MTV India Channel.

MTV roadies xtreme

The ground auditions for the show are over and those contestants who did not get selected can try their luck in the Battleground. As this show is followed by many youngsters and they are passionate about the show. So the youngsters who have missed the ground auditions they can try their luck in the MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018 Battleground. Link for the registration in the Battleground is been given in the article below.

Here is everything you would want to know about the MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018, show details, gang leaders, contestants, host, battleground registration, sponsors, twists.

MTV Roadies Xtreme Details

  • Name of the Show – MTV Roadies Xtreme
  • Starting Date- 18th Feb
  • Genre – Reality TV Show
  • Airing Timings – Sunday 7 PM
  • Airing Channel – MTV India
  • First Premiered on – 2003
  • Total Number of  Seasons Aired – 15
  • This year Season Number – 16

MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018

MTV Roadies Xtreme Twist

This year there are a lot of twists in the format of the show. Like Rannvijay, who is everyone’s favourite is not a gang leader this year though he is a part of roadies. He has a new role in this season. When asked to him if he will miss the role of a gang leader and competing in the game he said, “I started as a contestant and then became an integral part in choosing the right participant in the coming days. And when I got the opportunity of being a gang leader, I was more than happy. Roadies is an original Indian format and to keep it entertaining and exciting, we have to integrate new elements every time.” 

Another twist is that this year the gang leaders won’t select their own gang members initially but they would select an entire lot of roadies. Later in the season, the contestants will be divided into the four gangs. So in the auditions, the contestant will need to convince at least 3 gang leaders out of the 4 to be the part of the show. So this way if a contestant is very strong and he wants to go in a particular gang leader’s gang then other gang leaders can kill their competition by not selecting that contestant as only one gang leader doesn’t have that much power to select a contestant on their own. You might be thinking that it would be unfair for some deserving contestants, so this is where Rannvijay comes in, he has the power of giving two votes to a contestant if he thinks that this contestant is deserving.

Raftaar Singh will be seen as a new gang leader in the show and he is also a new face for the show audience. Last year Harbhajan Singh was seen in the show. But he will not be seen this year. This year the show will be more thrilling and exciting as some new changes are been made in the show.  So overall this season of roadies is going to be extremely exciting with the Xtreme twists. Instructions for Battleground are in the end of this article.

MTV Roadies Xtreme Gang Leaders

  • Prince Narula
  • Nikhil Chinnapa
  • Neha Dhupia
  • Raftaar Singh (The Rapper)- New

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MTV Roadies Xtreme Host

Last year show was hosted by the Gaylene Medonca. This season will also be hosted by her. Rannvijay will also play a Host kind of role in the Roadies Xtreme.


MTV Roadies Xtreme Contestants


 1) Samiksha Malik (Eliminated)

   MTV roadies xtreme Samiksha Malik

2) Nishkarsh Arora

MTV roadies xtreme Nishkarsh Arora


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3) Preeti Kuntal

MTV Roadies Xtreme Preeti Kuntal


4) Kashish Thakur

kashish thakur mtv roadies xtreme contestants


5) Shubhada Nishtala

Shubhada Nishtala roadies xtreme


6) Sandy Saha

Sandy Saha


7) Shruti Sinha

Shruti Sinha


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Shruti Sinha roadies xtreme


8) Priya Sindhu (Eliminated)

priya sindhu roadies xtreme


9) Vidit Sharma (Eliminated)

vidit sharma roadies xtreme


10) Rohan

Rohan Hingorani Roadies Xtreme Contestant


11) Pavneet Singh Bagga

pavneet singh bagga


12) Farah Fatima

Farah Fatima Khan Roadies Xtreme


13) Mini Rohela

Mini Rohela Roadies Xtreme


14) Syed Khurshid

Syed Khurshid Roadies Xtreme


15) Bibek Vohra (Eliminated)

Bibek Vohra Roadies Xtreme Contestants


16) Abhishek Dubey (Eliminated)

Abhishek Dubey Roadies Xtreme Contestant


17) Geetika Sood

Geetika Sood Roadies Xtreme Contestants


18) Surbhi


19) Kriti


20) Sonu Jatt

Sonu Jatt Roadies Xtreme


21) Mehakdeep Singh

Mehakdeep Singh


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MTV Roadies Xtreme Gangs

Gang Leader Name Selected Contestant Names
Prince Narula’s Gang 1) Kashish Thakur

2) Mini Rohela

3) Syed Khurshid

4) Preeti Kuntal

Neha Dhupia’s Gang 1) Surbhi

2) Kriti

3) Sandy Saha

4) Nishkarsh Arora

Raftaar Singh’s Gang 1) Farah Fatima Khan

2) Sonu Jatt

3) Pavneet Singh Bagga

4) Geetika Sood

Nikhil Chinnapa’s Gang 1) Rohan

2) Shruti Sinha

3) Mehakdeep Singh

4) Shubhada Nishtala

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MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018 Winner, Runner-up, Prize Money

Roadies Xtreme winner, runner-up, prize money will be updated super soon!

Where to watch MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018?

Download links will be available soon!

MTV Roadies Xtreme Sponsors

  • Renault
  • OPPO
  • ID Shoes
  • Durex

MTV Roadies Xtreme 2018 Promo

Watch on Youtube


MTV Roadies Xtreme Battleground 2018 Auditions & Registration

If you want to participate in the Roadies Xtreme and you are ready for tough challenges and have the strength to take the risks and efforts to participate in the show. Then don’t miss this chance, because this is the last chance for you to participant in the Roadies Xtreme. If you want to be a Roadie, then send a video show us in 15 seconds that what makes you Xtreme enough to be a Roadie, and you might be the next Roadie.

Share your video on Facebook or Instagram with #RBG2018 & tag MTV Roadies. Or, The participants can also send their videos by mail [email protected]

The shortlisted participants will be assigned a task and a slot to go live on Facebook, you have to attempt the 2 challenges in 2 minutes, with 15 seconds to do each task.  If MTV Roadies likes your broadcast, then you go through.

Eligibility Criteria for Roadies Battleground 2018

The Contest is open to all participants who:

(i) are above the age of 18 years

(ii) have a valid Facebook account

(iii) have a valid Instagram account

(iv) Each Participant shall have a valid 4 (four) wheeler driving license.

(v) followers of official Facebook and/or Instagram account page of official MTV India; and

(vi) Each Participant shall have in his/ her possession one of the valid legal document as mentioned below to prove his/her age Driving license or  Voters identity card or School leaving certificate or Birth certificate or Ration card or Passport.

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