An IAF officer detained for leaking information to Pakistan. Why he did so?

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An IAF officer detained for leaking information to Pakistan via Whatsapp and Facebook. He was a group captain of the Indian Air Force, which is almost same as a Colonel of the Indian Army. He was posted in New Delhi.

The army has a very strict rule about the usage of social media. The officers are allowed to have a social media account but they are not allowed to share any kind of information about their duty on the social media or to anyone like the place of posting, any operations or plans, or any other official information. They are not even allowed to post their pictures in uniform. Also, there are several ranges of information ranging from confidential, secret, classified to top secret.

The Intelligence Unit of the IAF suspected him during a routine counter intelligence surveillance and took him into custody. It is suspected that the Indian Army Force(IAF) officer has passed ‘critical information’ to Pakistan over the last few months. He had already leaked some very valuable information before getting detected.

The initial stages of investigation suggest that the IAF officer detained for leaking information to Pakistan was actually honey trapped by a woman and was being blackmailed also. Though there is no information about the identity of that women yet. The sources said that the officer firstly established a contact with this woman on Facebook. After that, they were in touch through various social media platforms. It is also suspected that the officer had regular meetings with this woman in New Delhi itself.

So the IAF officer is detained for now and will be questioned for leaking the information to Pakistan

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