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Mazak Se Hatke is a Hindi slang which means “jokes aside”. This news and opinion site officially started on 14th Jan 2018. The reason I started mazaksehatke.com was to keep myself, and in the process also the readers, in touch with latest Indian facts that may seem funny but are true and current affairs buzz. The focus of this blog will always remain on Indian current affairs and facts, however, being in IT for more than a decade and being passionate about technology I may sometimes drift into Technology and Web2.0.

As visible from my blog, I am passionate about (in no particular order) the new trends in India, funny facts, and current affairs with an Indian flavor. Other than that my interests include keeping in touch with latest happenings in the field of Politics, stock market, finance (although I have never been good at it) and off-course technology.

Finally, I would like to assure the readers that we will always entertain and update you all (mazak se hatke).



Our Story

I started this journey with my facebook page Laugh, laugh & just laugh.  The sole purpose of my page was the entertainment of people. I got immense love from the people and then I came up with an idea of expanding it by starting a blogging site and thought of the name Mazak Se Hatke and started this blogging journey.


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